Image by Yuri G.


Cadet Pilots trained to your SOPs and Standards.

As the operator you are involved during our selection process so you get the cadets most suited to the position. The selection process involves pilot aptitude tests, maths and english written tests. Group exercise testing teamwork, problem solving, prioritisation, communication and other pilot competencies. A competency based interview and potential cadets are required to give a presentation. Successful cadets are invited to a meal out that tests their social skills and behaviour in a different setting. As pilots we know how important it is to be able to sit next to a person for hours if not days at a time.  

Our full time modular course is tailored towards the operator's requirements.

  • Military taskings

  • Formation flying

  • Low level navigation

  • Survey Flying

  • Single Pilot IFR

  • Multi-crew training

  • King Air Operators

  • Air Ambulance

  • Ferry Flying

  • Business Jets

  • Airline operations